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Stillwater Barbeque

When we went to Europe, Amber and I dropped our dogs off with her brother in Lubbock. When we came home, we landed in Austin Friday night, and on Saturday morning, we drove to Abilene to pick up our pups. Abilene was a good meeting point and was only about a couple of hours from Lubbock. I needed Texas barbecue stat especially after a disappointing meal in Rome. I have heard good things about Stillwater Barbeque, and it was the perfect situation to come on by. Owner/pitmaster Matt Proctor worked in the energy industry before turning to BBQ full time. Stillwater started in the trailer that was parked out back and took over a Quiznos once business took off.

My brother in law ordered the nachos, but he ate it all before I could have a bite. Jerk. I ordered some brisket, pork ribs, jalapeƱo cheese sausage, and pulled pork with smashed taters, brisket macaroni and cheese, and banana pudding. The brisket was cooked really well. The fat rendered perfectly so the meat was tender and moist. I…

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